2005-01-30 12:53 - Bookmarklets

This nifty bookmarklet gives you a slideshow of all linked images in a page. This means if you have a gallery of thumbnails or an open directory you can get a nice view of the images that are available. Try it out on the links I just gave! Firefox and IE compatible.


Initial release
2005-01-30 12:54 - arantius


Bugfix release
2005-01-31 21:39 - arantius

There were a number of bugs in the original release above. They should be corrected here:


Another fix!
2005-02-01 22:19 - arantius

Here's another minor fix, more timer issues. Feels like the last.


Another release
2005-02-06 00:17 - arantius

This release incorporates more changes! This time, you are prompted for the number of seconds to wait between images. This is incorporated into the new preloading scheme, which should be better all around. Just make sure you choose a time long enough to load the image files between. As in all previous releases, you can click the image to manually advance to the next.


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