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2010-05-23 15:31 - Bookmarklets

Google recently announced the Cloud To Device Messaging framework, and there's already a Chrome To Phone extension. I don't use Chrome for my day-to-day browsing, so here's a simple bookmarklet that sends the request to their same app engine server, to be forwarded to your phone. The Setup Instructions are basically the same as for the chrome extension. Once they're done, the bookmarklet should work.

Since I'm piggybacking on their server, I can't customize what it does. I'm opening a window to the URL that they would be AJAX-like fetching (cross domain, since their client is an extension). You'll have to read the response it gives (usually just "OK"), and close the window/tab.

Send To Phone


Send Link To Phone
2010-05-24 12:29 - arantius

Here's a second version that should send the next link you click on (rather than the current page).

Send Link To Phone

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