Remove Querystring

2004-12-15 20:01 - Bookmarklets

Quick simple little bookmarklet that removes the querystring from the current page.

Remove Querystring


thanks for this!!
2011-09-21 22:22 - pc

hi there, i have been searching for ages for a tool to achieve this, and finally i came across your page. i didn't know to search in google for 'query string' but once i did, i finally found your site. appreciate you putting this up on the web to make it a better place!!!

FYI, this was the question I was just about to submit to StackOverflow before I found your solution:

Hi folks,

Problem: I want to email or save (to Delicious) URLs which click to through from marketing emails, but without the redundant 'source' information.

Eg: from

I would like to be able to click on a bookmarklet that strips out the question mark and everything after it leaving only:

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