iPad Bookmarkletize

2010-08-02 20:49 - Bookmarklets

So, bookmarklets do in fact work on the iPad. Problem is, the oversimplified Safari interface makes it hard to bookmark an arbitrary URL; you can only easily bookmark the current URL, and javascript can never be the current URL. So here's a bookmarklet dedicated to making it easier to add other bookmarklets. And to be extra crafty, use it on itself the first time! Unlike the normally disabled bookmarklets I put in my pages (to avoid accidents), this time you can click to run this one right here:

iPad Bookmarkletize

Usage is pretty straightforward. Click this, then the next link you click on will be "bookmarkletized" for the iPad. For the initial installation, click on this twice (once to run, once to select it as the target to install.) Instructions for how to continue are on the screen. Should work for the iPhone, too.


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