Full Size Embedded Media

2006-10-14 20:28 - Bookmarklets

It's becoming more and more common for various kinds of media to be embedded in webpages. I wrote the YouTube Resizer greasemonkey script to make those videos end up a watchable size. But there are so many other sites, which that doesn't work with!

This bookmarklet searches the current page for all embedded media, chooses the largest one, and then expands it to fill the entire window. It works best for flash, and might have problems with other media. But for all those flash videos, it's a life saver!


Neat idea..
2006-10-19 19:11 - RavenMind

but when I tried it to watch the Heroes catch up episode on NBC.com it completely removed the movie from the screen.. :(

2006-10-20 20:55 - arantius

Yep, it isn't perfect. C'est la vie. Perhaps one day I'll figure out an upgrade to it.

Slight update
2006-10-26 00:43 - arantius

Better detection of media based on either OBJECT or EMBED tags. Probably.

Old: FullSizeMedia

New: FullSizeMedia

Another updated version
2007-06-17 13:35 - arantius

This properly factors the width/size up to maintain the original ratio.

FullSizeMedia 2.0

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