Form AutoFill

2005-03-24 15:54 - Bookmarklets

For web developers, there's often the tedious task of filling out big forms again and again to make sure they process correctly, or the steps afterwords function properly. What a pain!

This bookmarklet fills in a random number (to make sure we don't break fields that expect only numbers) to all text boxes, randomly checks all checkboxes, and randomly selects from all radio buttons and select boxes. Then just submit the form!


Version 1.0
2005-03-24 15:55 - arantius

Enjoy! AutoFill

Version 1.1
2005-03-29 14:33 - arantius

There's a new version of AutoFill! This version adds these new features:

Here's version 1.1: AutoFill.

Version 1.2
2005-04-04 16:01 - arantius

This adds the feature to set all email address fields equal as well.


2005-04-05 15:13 - arantius

This is a bug fix to version 1.2, which would overwrite submit buttons and hidden fields, which is bad!


2005-04-19 09:48 - arantius

Here's a non-IE compatible upgrade. It's too big to work in IE but will be fine in decent browsers like Firefox. This upgrade makes sure to NOT change the value of fields that are "disabled" or "read only".


Another upgrade
2005-06-27 15:22 - arantius

Again non-IE compatible, as this raises the size yet again. This version will crawl down into frames/iframes and fill all fields still.


2009-09-09 13:11 - arantius

After all this time, I've just found a bug with <select> boxes. Now it's fixed:


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