Enumerate Any JavaScript Object

2004-12-21 23:31 - Bookmarklets

This nifty little bookmarklet will reveal to you all of the properties of any JavaScript object. Try it out on 'window'. It lets you browse through the object enumerating any of the child objects or arrays. It's mostly compatible with IE and I'm not in the mood to deal with that crappy browser, so Firefox users enjoy!



Update, fix array
2004-12-25 13:34 - arantius
This update fixes clicking down into arrays.
Update to EnumIt+
2005-01-03 02:30 - arantius

Here's a fresh new update, courtesy of my temporary insomnia. This update is for Firefox only (hence the minor name change). It is too long for IE to handle. Perhaps you should Get Firefox.

This update adds two features. The first keeps the window from popping under the current window. You must have your javascript advanced options set to allow raising/lowering windows for this to work (it is by default). The second feature is much more exciting: function execution! For all functions, clicking it will give you a prompt for arguments. Leave it emty if there should be none, else pass exactly what you would if you were calling the function from plain source, quotes, commas, and all. It will then alert the return value if there is any. Perhaps it should alert it no matter what?


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