2009-11-30 14:35 - Bookmarklets

I've used Aardvark on and off for a while. I had the Firefox extension installed, when at one point the keyboard shortcut conflicted with something. (I wholly forget what, but I think it was changes in Firefox 3.0.) Eventually, I ported the bookmarklet version available, into one that did not load resources from their server each time. I was unclear on what their license was (none was provided) then, so I did not distribute that work. I recently thought about it again, and found that the latest Aardvark Firefox Extension comes clearly marked with a BSD license. So I can distribute! I took the time to re-port the code (in case there were any nice new improvements), and passed it through the now open Google Closure compiler, to reduce the size. It's still well over 25k, so quite a bookmarklet. Anyways, here it is:



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